Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Carving

I developed the design for my book carving by thinking of something that wouldn't be too difficult to carve but still look good as a carving. In the end I chose and asteroid because it required simple shapes and had enough layers to fulfill the desired look for a carving and the project requirements. It was very important to have a clear plan before starting because it can be very difficult to un-carve something. You need to know how big your carving is going to be, where exactly the layers are going to be, and how deep the layers are going to go before you start. Some challenges I faced during this project were mainly carving related, it could get difficult in some areas to be accurate enough to look good. I overcame them by concentrating and almost getting carpal tunnel, easy enough. The design is of an asteroid/comet flying through space with a fire trail behind it. It provided a cool looking design and enough layers. I didn't really take any risks with the project and I think it was successful. I like the way the carvings look even without color. Overall I felt it was a difficult yet rewarding project to end the year, and I enjoyed it.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mixed Media

I tried to show amusement in this project by picking an activity that amuses people. Either playing or spectating golf can be considered a form of amusement so that fit the bill. I don't know how much variety I showed in the piece because all it is is a club about to hit a ball off of a tee . After I chose my subject it wasn't difficult unifying the piece because it's just one golf based piece. My experience using mixed media was good and no too difficult. I chose to do pen and ink and colored pencil as the different types of media for my piece. Visual journaling helps you to expand what you think you can imaginitavely do on different pieces. Especially with mixed media giving you a wide variety of styles to choose from. I faced the minor challenge of drawing the different objects in the piece correctly and getting the different medias to go together well enough. In the end it worked out without to much difficulty and the project was completed to my satisfaction.