Friday, June 7, 2013


I organized my painting in a way that would create a pleasant background and introduce an object in the foreground to focus on. This creates a nice balance to the painting and leaves it simple and not too busy. Atmospheric perspective is the perspective of the painting created by the atmosphere. The lighting, placement of objects in the painting, and three dimensional aspects all contribute to the atmospheric perspective. I created it in my painting by creating light coming through the mountains striking the ground and tree, as well as making the sky different colors and making the mountains seem further away and the tree closer to you. I created a light source by making certain areas of the painting much lighter than others. You can see light coming through the clouds and striking the mountains, ground, and tree. I had an analogous color scheme with reds, pinks, oranges, and yellows being included. I used long brush strokes for the sky and ground to make them seem more natural and less splotchy. I used shorter brush strokes for the mountains and i dabbed the brush straight up and down for the leaves on the tree. I used value in my painting by introducing light and dark areas as well as areas  closer and farther away.

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