Friday, June 7, 2013

Pastel Still Life

I planned my composition in a way that would show all three bottles but still focus on one in the middle. This would include all of the bottles in the composition but maintain a focus on just one bottle. A thumbnail sketch is a quick sketch that the artist does to plan out how he is going to arrange his props in the composition. A thumbnail sketch is small and brief only for planning. The viewfinder helped me find the best way to show all of the props at once without making the final drawing too small or too big. I made my items appear three dimensional by making some areas on the bottle darker than others, adding light streaks and zones, and adding shadows on the final composition. I created a light source by bringing in the light from one side of the Still Life. This allows all of the bottles to have light on the same side and int he same areas and have similar shadows coming off of them.

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