Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I chose to do a portrait of myself because I thought it would be easy and I could just get.a picture of me from my parents. While I was brainstorming I found it difficult to decide what to use for my project, I thought I had decided on one material and changed my mind, then I chose a different material but decided against it. I finally chose to do my project in bubble wrap because it's a non conventional material to use and easy to paint. I think my material choice adds a lot of depth and texture to my project because of the bubbles. The paint is not only on top of the bubbles but runs in the cracks which act as a natural shading device. I found the use of bubble wrap really brought my piece together and made it look good. I don't think choosing bubble wrap was risky because it's flat and adds texture, the only concern I had with the material was that the paint would not appear good. The only challenges I faced we're getting the colors to look right on the bubble wrap, I had to add gray or black to areas already painted to get the right look. I think my choices came together in the end to make the piece look really good and unique. My choice of materials was not influenced by my portrait I only chose bubble wrap because I was stumped with my other materials and I looked at the wrap and a lightbulb came on. 

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